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Njock Ajuk Eyong can be termed as one of the most sought after photographers in Johannesburg, South Africa. Well, we can say that he is one of those few photographers in the country that have achieved some great success with all the talent and dedication over the past few years. Even when he started as a rookie in the early years, he went to make his mark with some exceptional achievements in the same domain.

Njock Ajuk Eyong is currently handling some of the best campaigns along with some notable media houses across the globe and he has further worked under the shadow of some of the most recognized photography experts. If we look into the life journey of Njock Ajuk Eyong, we will get to see that he came over from some very humble surroundings. While being born and brought up in the suburbs of Johannesburg, Njock Ajuk Eyong started showing his passion for photography. Right at an early age, he used to play with the old camera belonging to his father.

Talking about all the exceptional skill set and talent he possess, Njock Ajuk Eyong can certainly be termed as a photography expert which brings along some great expertise in various photography niches like Wedding photography, Wildlife photography,  portrait shoot and Landscape shoot. Although the early years in the same profession were quite hard on him and he even have to live without work for some time.

That was when he was well supported by his family and friend and they all asked him to pursue his dreams by working harder in the same direction. Right when he lost faith in his hardcore efforts, he got to work with one of the most famous models in Africa. This was when he witnessed a turn of fortunes for his photography career and grabbed numerous contracts in the days to come. Well, that was the time when he never looked back and scored some big achievements on his way to become one of the most looked after photographers in the entire African continent.

Njock Ajuk Eyong has made it all big with his sheer talent and hardcore dedication which has enlisted him in the elite group of world’s best photographer. One of the many things which make his photography special is that he never feels contented until he gets the most perfect location or shot he was looking for. He has travelled across various countries and places in order to get that perfect landscape and location to bring the best out of his photography skills. Njock Ajuk Eyong has taken part in a number of photography exhibitions and grabbed all the big appreciations and accolades from everyone around.

Talking about his childhood and early days, Njock Ajuk Eyong got his primary and secondary education from the same city of Johannesburg. While his father used to work in an electronics shop , he sued to bring lots of spare electronic items which always attracted interest from Njock Ajuk Eyong. That was the time when he first put his hand on a old camera brought to him by his father. While that was an old camera in every sort, Njock Ajuk Eyong clicked some really good pictures out of it in no time. Well, that was when his father identified his photography skills and supported him to go further with his passion in the times to come.

Njock Ajuk Eyong has always come up as an intelligent kid who has been largely praised and appreciated by all of his teachers and professors. Even though he was not that much into studies, he has always scored some good marks in each of the subjects studied. While he was looking forward to become a successful art and commercial photographer, he took admission in the nearby college of photography within his city.

Apart from his photography aspirations, he is a big time football lover and never misses a chance to watch and play football in his spare time. While he got a soft corner for football sport right from his childhood, it took him a bit of effort to divert his whole focus towards his passion for photography. He loves to make new friends and watching movies and that is how he spends most of his free time at home.

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